Big Moxie – Q4 – 2022 – Link Submissions

The Rules:

  1. Minimum 5,000 words count (no maximum)
  2. Any fandom (no RPF)
  3. No limit on the number of stories
  4. Only unpublished completed works qualify

Q4 – October – December 2022

Posting Date: December 6December 31, 2022
Theme: Soulmates

Posting Information

Word Count:

If you would like to post on the Wild Hare Project (not required, and not encouraged if you already post to AO3), and don’t already have an account, you must notify us of that when you are signing up so we can prepare you for posting in that environment.

Note: We reserve the right not to link to a story if you write chan, RPF, or fail to warn properly for common trigger content (rape, murder, domestic violence, major character death, adultery/cheating, etc).


Q. When can I post?
A. Any time during the posting period listed with each quarterly challenge. You cannot post the assigned theme outside of the quarter to count towards the Big Moxie challenge. For instance, you can’t post quarter one’s theme in quarter four to be included in the challenge list.

Q. Can I post a work in progress?
A. No. Only completed works will be accepted during the posting period.

Q. Can I use a work already published?
A. No.

Q. Can I use a work I’ve written for a different challenge if it meets the requirements and posting dates?
A. We don’t care. Organizers of other challenges might so be careful with that. If your Big Moxie story happens to fit one of your Just Write Bingo squares, lucky you! Carry on and double up.

Q. Can I use a Rough Trade project (past, present, or future)?
A. If you’ve posted any part of it, the answer is no. If you created a project file but never participated in the challenge then that would be fine regarding past works. Obviously, you couldn’t use present content or ideas you might have for future RT challenges since that would violate the rules of Rough Trade.

Q. Can I write more than one story?
A. Yes.

Q. Why are the themes confined to a single quarter?
A. To provide structure and discipline for those who need it.

Q. Can I post my work before the posting period of each quarter?
A. Not if you want to be included in our list of successful participants.

Q. If I have a work in progress that has never been published that fits the theme, can I use that?
A. Absolutely, look at you already owning the hell out of this challenge.

Q. What are the options on the Fusion/The Sentinel theme?
A. You can write a fusion of two (or more fandoms), a fusion with The Sentinel, or a story set entirely in The Sentinel fandom.

Q. What if I signed up and can’t finish?
A. That’s fine, life happens. We don’t need to be informed.

Q. Will there be an AO3 collection?
A. Yes. We’ll provide a link to the collection as the posting window approaches.

Q. Can I discuss my fics publicly?
A. Do what is comfortable for you. You might find that you don’t want those kinds of expectations from others or whatever. The choice is yours.

Q. Do I have to sign up for all four themes?
A. No, but there is no penalty for not participating after the fact. Each form will have check boxes so you can pick and chose between the the themes during the sign up window. Signing up for all four, just in case you end up wanting to write all of the themes, is better than skipping them and regretting it later.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Title: Shattered
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Challenge: Big Moxie q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: Explicit Sex, Canon Typical Violence, Canon Typical Angst, Temporary Character Death, Character Bashing, Minor Character Death, Discussion-Suicide, Discussion-Abortion, Discussion-Coerced Abortion, Discussion-Drug Abuse, Discussion-Murder, Discussion-Domestic Violence, Discussion-Abuse, Permanent Injury (Not within my pairing), No Beta
    Word Count: 61,912
    Summary: Evan Buckley lost everything by degrees. When he gets the chance to try again, he accepts a burden for himself and for the future of his bloodline. In the end, nothing seems like too much if he gets Eddie and Christopher back.

  2. Title: The Question of Fate
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Big Moxie – Q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Eddie Diaz/Shannon Diaz, Eddie Diaz/Evan Buckley
    Warnings: Child Abuse (Neglect & Emotional), Explicit Sex, Major Character Death (Chim), Not Chimney Friendly, Not Maddie Friendly
    Word Count: 36,181
    Summary: It was the question, wasn’t it? Was the person writing on your wrist really the best person in the world for you?

  3. Title: The Havoc that Jealousy can wreak
    Author: ScarsLikeVelvet
    Challenge: Big Moxie – Q4
    Fandom: Teen Wolf
    Relationship: Connor Hale (OC)/Elisabeth Hale (OC), Talia Hale/Jonas Hale (OC), Peter Hale/Jonas Hale (OC)
    Warnings: Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Abuse – Sexual, Dark Themes, Discussion – Rape, Dubious Consent, Rape – Off Screen, Multiple Character Deaths (Accidental and Murder)
    Word Count: 6,721
    Summary: Jonas Hale is Peter Hale’s Soulmate though neither man remembers that little fact thanks to jealous Alpha Talia Hale who suppressed their memories. Seventeen years into their not-exactly-happy marriage something traumatic happens and Jonas becomes aware of what his wife has done to him and his soulmate.

  4. Title: To Feel This Moment
    Author: AngelicInsanity
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: Character Bashing, Character Death – Minor Character, Discussion – Child Abuse, Discussion – Domestic Violence, Discussion – Other Trigger Topics (stalking behavior)
    Word Count: 5646
    Summary: Evan Buckley grew up knowing he wasn’t Special or special. He was convinced that he would never be enough for anyone. Then one day he decided to live his life for himself and started on a path that would lead him to his soul mate. Because really, as long as he was enough for Eddie Diaz, nothing else really mattered.

  5. Title: Three Hours Too Soon
    Author: Twigen
    Challenge: Bix Moxie – Q4 – Soulmates
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Eddie Diaz/Evan Buckley
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 12,562
    Summary: In the short time that they’ve known each other, Buck and Eddie have become the best of friends. They also happen to be soulmates, though only one of them knows. When Eddie finds out, he has to decide if he will risk his heart for a chance at everything.

  6. Title: Fate’s Wide Wheel
    Author: taibhrigh
    Challenge: Big Moxie, Q4 2022 – Soulmates
    Fandom(s): Blade: Trinity
    Rating: PG
    Characters: Hannibal King, Asher Talos, Drake, Abigail Whistler, Danica Talos
    Pairings: Hannibal King/Drake
    Warnings: I’m not fond of Blade (from the movies); which probably won’t be an issue for this story, but just in case, it’s being said. Alternate Universe, Soulmates, Supernatural Elements, Fantasy
    Word Count: 5900+
    Summary: How can we meet if we’re not both there? A friendship helps Hannibal find what time and distance once divided.

  7. Title: Waiting for That Day
    Author: Jilly James
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4, Soulmates & Vibrant Autumn
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: discussion of ableism, canon
    Word Count: 14,055
    Summary: Evan Buckley has always felt like he was on the outside looking in, unable to belong anywhere. Buck is unaware he has a soulmate waiting and that their deep connection through many lives is why he’s always adrift—until they can be together again.

  8. Title: Very Special Magic
    Author: TrekCat
    Fandom: Harry Potter, NCIS
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 Soulmates
    Relationship: Sirius Black/Tony DiNozzo, James Potter/Sirius Black/Lily Potter
    Warnings: Canonical deaths, Voldemort attacking a baby, Walburga Black
    Word Count: 10,399
    Summary: Sirius Black seeks sanctuary with his estranged soulmate, Anthony DiNozzo, Lord Paddington, in the wake of the Potters’ tragic death. He only hopes his soulmate can forgive him the misunderstandings of the past and keep him and Harry safe.

  9. Title: XinXin Xiangyin
    Author: Duochanfan
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 Soulmates
    Fandom: 9-1-1, Word of Honor
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz, Bobby Nash/Athena Grant, Wen Kexing/Shou Zishu
    Warnings: Bigotry, Character Bashing, Murder, Serial Killer, reincarnation, Character Death. Graphic Violence.
    Word Count: 27,435
    Summary: – Two Hearts Beat As One –

    Zhou Zishu felt the life leave his Zhiji, his Soulmate. Now alone, he faces immortality in an ever-changing world as he waited for Wen Kexing to Reincarnate. Now finding himself in LA and working as a Cop, he partners with Athena Grant, which leads him to the 118 and those that work there, including his Soulmate, Wen Kexing, reincarnated but with no memory of their past together, 1,000 years ago. Though that becomes under threat when a certain group of Soulmates becomes victims of a Serial Killer.

  10. Title: The Way Home
    Author: Duochanfan
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 – Soulmates
    Fandom: 9-1-1, Hawaii 5-0
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
    Warnings: Kidnapping, child kidnapping, child abuse, talk of child abuse, mention of two teenagers having sex at 15. Underage pregnancy. Character bashing. Buckley parents are the damn worst.
    Word Count: 35,360
    Summary: Steve McGarrett went into the attic to put things in there to store for Grace as she continued her education on the mainland. Instead, he comes across something that was kept secret for almost thirty years. To learn that somewhere out there he has a son, and then to learn he had been kidnapped within the space of a few minutes, left him reeling, with his Soulmate, Danny by his side, they set out to find his son and his son’s mother to find out what exactly what happened and maybe find a clue as to where their son might be.

  11. Title: The Essence of Family
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Big Moxie – Q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Athena Grant/Bobby Nash
    Warnings: sad in some parts, mourning and moving on
    Word Count: 12,833
    Summary: Bobby and Athena both lost their soulmates in the past, and that might just be one of the reasons they fit together so well. Having someone who knows the pain of losing a soulmate makes it much easier for both of them to work through that pain and find a love they hadn’t expected to ever experience again.

    Title: Sometimes, Love isn’t Enough
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Big Moxie – Q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Han Chul-Min/Song Jee-Yun (Chimney’ parents)
    Warnings: major character death (canon for Chimney’s mother), break up, sad
    Word Count: 13,437
    Summary: Having a soul bond is by no means a guarantee for a happily ever after. Sometimes the dreams and wishes for the future of two people develop in very different directions even if they share a soul bond.

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