Big Moxie – Q3 – Link Submissions

Q3 – July– Sept 2023

Posting Date: Sept 1Sept 30, 2023
Theme: Friends to Lovers


Word Count:

If you would like to post on the Wild Hare Project (not required, and not encouraged if you already post to AO3), and don’t already have an account, you must notify us of that when you are signing up so we can prepare you for posting in that environment.

Note: We reserve the right not to link to a story if you write chan, RPF, or fail to warn properly for common trigger content (rape, murder, domestic violence, major character death, adultery/cheating, etc).


Q. When can I post?
A. Any time during the posting period listed with each quarterly challenge. You cannot post the assigned theme outside of the quarter to count towards the Big Moxie challenge. For instance, you can’t post quarter one’s theme in quarter four to be included in the challenge list.

Q. Can I post a work in progress?
A. No. Only completed works will be accepted during the posting period.

Q. Can I use a work already published?
A. No.

Q. Can I use a work I’ve written for a different challenge if it meets the requirements and posting dates?
A. We don’t care. Organizers of other challenges might so be careful with that. If your Big Moxie story happens to fit one of your Just Write Bingo squares, lucky you! Carry on and double up.

Q. Can I use a Rough Trade project (past, present, or future)?
A. If you’ve posted any part of it, the answer is no. If you created a project file but never participated in the challenge then that would be fine regarding past works. Obviously, you couldn’t use present content or ideas you might have for future RT challenges since that would violate the rules of Rough Trade.

Q. Can I write more than one story?
A. Yes.

Q. Why are the themes confined to a single quarter?
A. To provide structure and discipline for those who need it.

Q. Can I post my work before the posting period of each quarter?
A. Not if you want to be included in our list of successful participants.

Q. If I have a work in progress that has never been published that fits the theme, can I use that?
A. Absolutely, look at you already owning the hell out of this challenge.

Q. What are the options on the Fusion/The Sentinel theme?
A. You can write a fusion of two (or more fandoms), a fusion with The Sentinel, or a story set entirely in The Sentinel fandom.

Q. What if I signed up and can’t finish?
A. That’s fine, life happens. We don’t need to be informed.

Q. Will there be an AO3 collection?
A. Yes. We’ll provide a link to the collection as the posting window approaches.

Q. Can I discuss my fics publicly?
A. Do what is comfortable for you. You might find that you don’t want those kinds of expectations from others or whatever. The choice is yours.

Q. Do I have to sign up for all four themes?
A. No, but there is no penalty for not participating after the fact. Each form will have check boxes so you can pick and chose between the the themes during the sign up window. Signing up for all four, just in case you end up wanting to write all of the themes, is better than skipping them and regretting it later.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Title: Happy Accident
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Q3 – July– Sept 2023
    Fandom: Superman & Lois
    Relationship: Clark Kent/Lois Lane
    Warnings: Canon Typical Violence
    Word Count: 17,822
    Summary: Clark didn’t go to Metropolis to fall in love.

  2. Title: More Than Possible
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Q3 – July– Sept 2023
    Fandom: James Bond
    Relationship: James Bond/Q
    Warnings: No Warnings Apply
    Word Count: 13,678
    Summary: James never thought being friends was possible, much less more.

  3. Title: Be Wary of Pen-Guy
    Author: ScarsLikeVelvet
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q3, Sapphic Summer
    Fandom: Teen Wolf
    Relationship: Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, Background Danny Māhealani/Jackson Whittemore
    Warnings: Stalking, Non-Consensual Touching, Attempted Sexual Assault, Physical Violence, Gun Violence, Character Death: Scott McCall
    Word Count: 5,294
    Summary: Allison Argent joins Beacon Hills High School at the beginning of the semester, makes new friends, and meets someone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘No’.

  4. Title: The Best Deal
    Author: TrekCat
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q3: Friends to Lovers
    Fandom: Suits
    Relationships: Mike/Harvey, Mike/Rachel, Donna/Harvey
    Warnings: Spoilers for Suits, marital infidelity
    Word Count: 6,209
    Summary: Harvey has always wondered why they’ve never had this conversation and now he knows; Donna didn’t know.

  5. Title: The Bonds We Make
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Challenge: Q3 Big Moxie
    Fandom: 9-1-1, San Andreas
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz, Canon Pairings
    Warnings: Explicit sex, Explicit language, Angst, Canon-Typical violence, Voyeurism, Discussion-Slut Shaming, Discussion-Bullying, Character Bashing, Discussion-Sex Work, OC Character Death, Tsunami, Discussion-Natural Disaster Aftermath, Grammarly Beta
    Word Count: 53,502
    Summary: Eddie Diaz is in love with his best friend and struggling as privately as he can to accept that Buck doesn’t feel the same. Their friendship means more to them than anything else, so they’re going to make it work regardless of the awkwardness. Things take a turn for Eddie when Buck’s return to the 118 is delayed after the ladder truck bombing. Eddie seeks out some much-needed stress relief and comfort in a private sex club he frequented when he first came to Los Angeles.

  6. Title: Right Where He Wanted To Be
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Q3 – July– Sept 2023
    Fandom: Criminal Minds
    Relationship: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
    Warnings: No Warnings Apply
    Word Count: 16,125
    Summary: Spencer had never had close friends before joining the team at the BAU. Aaron had never let anyone get close enough to call themselves his best friend.

  7. Title: Finding What Was Right There
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Q3 – July– Sept 2023
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Eddie Diaz/Evan Buckley
    Warnings: Character Bashing, Explicit Sex
    Word Count: 24,184
    Summary: Buck and Eddie were looking for something to last; it’s right in front of them.

  8. Title: Don’t Let Go
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Q3 – July – Sept 2023
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: none
    Word Count: 12,714
    Summary: After Eddie fights his way out of being buried under more than 40 feet of mud, Buck catches him before he can fall. And then he just never lets go. Just as he has done ever since they met.

  9. Title: I Want a Divorce
    Author: farawisa
    Challenge: Q3 – July– Sept 2023
    Fandom: 9-1-1, NCIS:LA
    Relationship: Evan Buck Buckley/Eddie Diaz, past Eddie Diaz/Shannon Diaz, past Evan “Buck” Buckley/Matthew John Martinez (OC)
    Warnings: Torture, Racism, Ableism, Hate Crimes
    Word Count: 10,860
    Summary: Evan Buckley had lost her son seven years ago in childbirth, so when she saw Christopher Diaz with the kid’s mother Edmonda, she was this close to ripping the other woman’s throat out, with her teeth, because there was no doubt in her mind that this is the child who she had been told had died shortly after the birth.

  10. Title: Let the sky fall
    Author: Isthatso
    Challenge: Big Moxie 2023 Q3
    Fandom: NCIS
    Relationship: Anthony DiNozzo/Brad Pitt (NCIS)
    Warnings: explicit (discussion of) sex, some BDSM undertones (bondage, edging, orgasm denial, face fucking, breath play, dominance, somnophilia), negative takes on several characters
    Word Count: 14,488
    Summary: It was just the start of another ordinary workday, in a series of ordinary workdays, when the last straw broke the camel’s back.
    Walking away from NCIS was surprisingly easy with his best friend by his side. And it turned out Tony had everything he’d ever dreamed of at his fingertips.
    If he dared.

  11. Title: Face the sun
    Series order: 2
    Author: Isthatso
    Challenge: To every season layer challenge 2023 Q3 – Sapphic summer; Big Moxie 2023 Q3; fire family conflagration, prompt: divorce
    Fandom: 9-1-1, Harry Potter
    Relationship: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Harry Potter
    Warnings: implied/referenced transphobia, implied/referenced domestic violence against transgendered people, implied/referenced child abuse
    Word Count: 3,222
    Summary: Love and laughter painted the day in beautiful colours, but Buck had something difficult to share with Eddie and Chris. Like the fact that she was a woman, no matter what she looked like. Unfortunately, before she could do that, she made Chris a promise she might not get to keep. It all depended on Eddie, and he might make a different decision when he found out her truth.

  12. Title: Never Regret loving you
    Author: MykkiTno
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (9-1-1 TV), Evan “Buck” Buckley & Christopher Diaz (9-1-1 TV), Athena Grant/Bobby Nash, Henrietta “Hen” Wilson/Karen Wilson, Maddie Buckley/Howie “Chimney” Han
    Warnings: Character Bashing, Gun Violence, & Past Rape/Non-Con (read tags on AO3)
    Word Count: 42,570
    Summary: As Buck is dealing with the pressure from the 118 to forgive Maddie, he stumbles across a podcast that causes questions and the horrifying understanding he is not the only person living under a lie.

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