Big Moxie – Q4 2023 – Link Submissions

Q4 – Oct – Dec 2023

Posting Date: Dec 1Dec 30, 2023  (Submissions Closed)
Theme: Time Travel
Minimum Word Count: 5,000  (no maximum)


Word Count:

If you would like to post on the Wild Hare Project (not required, and not encouraged if you already post to AO3), and don’t already have an account, you must notify us of that when you are signing up so we can prepare you for posting in that environment.

Note: We reserve the right not to link to a story if you write chan, RPF, or fail to warn properly for common trigger content (rape, murder, domestic violence, major character death, adultery/cheating, etc).


Q. When can I post?
A. Any time during the posting period listed with each quarterly challenge. You cannot post the assigned theme outside of the quarter to count towards the Big Moxie challenge. For instance, you can’t post quarter one’s theme in quarter four to be included in the challenge list.

Q. Can I post a work in progress?
A. No. Only completed works will be accepted during the posting period.

Q. Can I use a work already published?
A. No.

Q. Can I use a work I’ve written for a different challenge if it meets the requirements and posting dates?
A. We don’t care. Organizers of other challenges might so be careful with that. If your Big Moxie story happens to fit one of your Just Write Bingo squares, lucky you! Carry on and double up.

Q. Can I use a Rough Trade project (past, present, or future)?
A. If you’ve posted any part of it, the answer is no. If you created a project file but never participated in the challenge then that would be fine regarding past works. Obviously, you couldn’t use present content or ideas you might have for future RT challenges since that would violate the rules of Rough Trade.

Q. Can I write more than one story?
A. Yes.

Q. Why are the themes confined to a single quarter?
A. To provide structure and discipline for those who need it.

Q. Can I post my work before the posting period of each quarter?
A. Not if you want to be included in our list of successful participants.

Q. If I have a work in progress that has never been published that fits the theme, can I use that?
A. Absolutely, look at you already owning the hell out of this challenge.

Q. What are the options on the Fusion/The Sentinel theme?
A. You can write a fusion of two (or more fandoms), a fusion with The Sentinel, or a story set entirely in The Sentinel fandom.

Q. What if I signed up and can’t finish?
A. That’s fine, life happens. We don’t need to be informed.

Q. Will there be an AO3 collection?
A. Yes. We’ll provide a link to the collection as the posting window approaches.

Q. Can I discuss my fics publicly?
A. Do what is comfortable for you. You might find that you don’t want those kinds of expectations from others or whatever. The choice is yours.

Q. Do I have to sign up for all four themes?
A. No, but there is no penalty for not participating after the fact. Each form will have check boxes so you can pick and chose between the the themes during the sign up window. Signing up for all four, just in case you end up wanting to write all of the themes, is better than skipping them and regretting it later.

Keira Marcos

In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations.


  1. Title: Waking Up, Again (Do-Over 1)
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Time Travel Q4 2023
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Eddie Diaz/Shannon Diaz
    Warnings: Temporary Main Character Death, Shitty Diaz Parents
    Word Count: 12,098
    Summary: The pain was horrible, and it helped Eddie know he had made it through. He had survived the sniper shot, and Buck was okay, even if he was bloody. He opened his eyes and found he wasn’t in a sterile white hospital room. No, he was looking at the dark night sky and the tent of a field hospital, and his entire body hurt instead of just his shoulder.

  2. Title: Time Marches On (Do-Over 2)
    Author: DarkJediQueen
    Challenge: Time Travel Q4 2023
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Eddie Diaz & Shannon Diaz, Eddie Diaz & Evan Buckley
    Warnings: Temporary Main Character Death, Shitty Diaz Parents
    Word Count: 13,528
    Summary: Time doesn’t stop for anyone, even Eddie.

  3. Title: If Only You Knew/You Are Enough
    Author: a_clockwork_of_scars (ScarsLikeVelvet)
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 – Time Travel, Fire Family Conflagration
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: Felony Level Diaz Parents Wankerhood, Temporary Character Death (Eddie), Suicidal Thoughts, Suicide, Mental Health Issues, Character Bashing (Chimney, Bobby, Hen)
    Word Count: 5734
    Summary: After experiencing the most tragic situation in his life — the loss of his best friend and his son — Evan Buckley gets the chance to do it all again. And he is not the only one.

  4. Title: Rewind
    Author: Starkindler
    Challenge: 2023 Q4 – Time Travel
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Gen
    Warnings: (Temporary) Major Character Death, Suicidal thoughts
    Word Count: 11,854
    Summary: When Eddie stands at the precipice, looking down at the thing that stole his light, Gaia appears before him and offers him a second chance to get things right.

  5. Title: Daylight
    Author: Keira Marcos
    Challenge: Big Moxie – Q4
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Bobby Nash/Athena Grant, Past-Marcy Nash/Bobby Nash, Past-Athena Grant/Michael Grant
    Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence, Canon-Typical Angst, Explicit Language, Discussion-Child Abuse, Discussion-Domestic Violence, Discussion-Violence, Discussion-Rape, Discussion-Murder, Discussion-Kidnapping, Discussion-Sexual Assault, Discussion-Suicidal Ideation, Attempted Murder, Hate Crimes, Temporary Major Character Death, Canon Character Death, Grammarly Beta
    Word Count: 80,200
    Summary: Bobby Nash is a man drowning in grief and guilt. When he met Margaret Buckley, he came to the startling conclusion that Evan Buckley was his son. A realization that comes on the day of Buck’s funeral. When he’s offered a chance to return to the past to save his children, he says yes with no thought to the cost.

  6. Title: Traveler Upon the Sea of Time
    Author: taibhrigh
    Challenge: Big Moxie, Q4 2023 — Time Travel
    Fandom(s): Blade Trinity
    Rating: PG-13
    Characters: Hannibal King, Drake, Asher Talos, Sommerfield, Zoe Sommerfield, Abigail Whistler
    Pairings: Hannibal King/Drake, Asher/Abby
    Warnings: Character death and not exactly kind to Blade, but he’s not in it much; so there’s that. Same for Whistler, Sr. They are not living to the end.
    Tags: time travel, soulmates, supernatural elements, character death (see warnings)
    Word Count: 14,700+
    Summary: Hannibal is tossed about through his timeline trying to fix someone else’s mistake. He gets some help, but will it be enough for him to ensure the world isn’t plunged into darkness.

  7. Title: Do It Again But Better
    Author: Duochanfa
    Challenge: Q4 Big Moxie
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Family, future Buck/Eddie
    Warnings: Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Canon Level Violence, Character Bashing, Ghost Daniel Buckley
    Word Count: 14,549
    Summary: Phillip Buckley always had to mourn the death of his eldest son in secret. He knew that letting his wife get her way for so long led to him never getting to really know his youngest son and his only daughter. Retreating to the hideaway in his home, he goes through the memories of the past, only to be confront by a specter that gives him a second chance to get things right with Maddie and Evan.

  8. Title: The Only Choice
    Author: TrekCat (Rachel500)
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4, Time Travel
    Fandom:Star Wars
    Relationships: Anakin & Obi-Wan, mention of Anakin/Padme, Obi-Wan/Jango Fett
    Warnings: Sith shenanigans (torture, mental manipulation), slavery, assault on a child, loss of a limb, reference to canon genocide, Obi-Wan’s Legends’ problematic apprenticeship.
    Word Count: 7121
    Summary: Sent back in time by the Force, Anakin chooses a different path to the Jedi.

  9. Title: Try Again, Try Harder, Try Smarter
    Author: Raspberry Dreams
    Challenge: The Big Moxie 2023, Q4, Timetravel
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Relationship: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger/ Ron Weasley
    Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
    Word Count: 142,313
    Summary: Harry and his best friends Ron and Hermione have become closer during the war and in spite of finally managing to destroy Voldemort and the remaining Death Eaters all they have left is each other. The damage to the British wizarding world seems to be too devastating for it to recover and between what’s left of society’s lack of trust in them and their personal injuries and grief the trio are in no place to be able to fix things. Hermione finds a way, but it means beginning all over again. Can they do it? Do they have the strength to even try?

  10. Title: The Grail Quest of Zacharias Smith
    Author: Ambracian
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 2023 – Time Travel
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Relationship: Gen
    Warnings: N/A
    Word Count: 30k
    Summary: When a golden opportunity falls into the lap of Unspeakable Zacharias Smith, he seizes it. Travel to the past, change history, right the wrongs of the Second Wizarding War. Saving people? They can save themselves if they’re so fussed about it, Zacharias has other priorities. He has only one goal: get back what was stolen from his family. Rescue the Cup of Helga Hufflepuff from the pernicious hands of Harry Potter.

  11. Title: The Only Hope Remains in the Past (No Path Too Far 1)
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 2023 – Time Travel
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/OMC
    Warnings: discussion of temporary character death, child abuse and ableism, shitty Diaz parents
    Word Count: 19,501
    Summary: When Eddie is killed in the streets of LA by a sniper bullet, the life of his family and friends is turned upside down. Fourteen months later, Isabel Diaz is ready to do just about anything to save Chris from his grandparents’ influence. She returns to a place her grandfather showed her once many decades ago finding the offer of a second chance she had not expected to be possible.

    Title: There Is Hope and Struggle in Facing a New Future (No Path Too Far 2)
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 2023 – Time Travel
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Evan Buckley/OMC
    Warnings: discussion of child abuse, shitty Diaz and Buckley parents
    Word Count: 19,204
    Summary: Ending up nearly seven years in the past comes with the reveal of information Buck was happily unaware of.

    Title: The Hope and Strength of a Family’s Support (No Path Too Far 3)
    Author: Bythia
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4 2023 – Time Travel
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Isabel & Shannon
    Warnings: discussion of child abuse, shitty Diaz parents
    Word Count: 27,796
    Summary: Isabel leaves LA to offer Shannon the support she knows the young woman desperately needs. Despite all her knowledge of the future, the situation she finds is worse than she expected. But Isabel knows: If there is anything she can depend on, it’s her family back home.

  12. Title: A Different Path
    Author: TrekCat (Rachel500)
    Challenge: Big Moxie Q4, Time Travel
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Relationships: Sirius & Harry, mention of canon relationships, Harry/Hermione
    Warnings: Canon childhood neglect and abuse is referenced, Voldemort’s wraith possession of bodies not his own and Dumbledore’s meddling manipulations.
    Word Count: 7414
    Summary: Sent back in time by a spell, Harry has to determine a new path forward to the future

  13. Title: Meeting with Fate
    Author: Goddess47
    Challenge: Bix Moxie Q4 – Time Travel
    Fandom: 9-1-1
    Relationship: Buck Buckley/Eddie Diaz
    Warnings: canon temporary character death
    Word Count: 6094
    Summary: “What if you could change some things?”

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