10 Reasons to be a Polyfandmous Writer

  1. Having one fandom can be isolating.

  2. Creatively speaking, the canon of your fandom could and probably will provide a very narrow window of exploration. Especially with a fandom that will have no canon material to offer you.

  3. One fandom means, you’ll often gravitate toward siloed spaces for your fandom or OTP which leads to a very narrow focus and hive thinking which is simply not productive in the long-term.

  4. Opening yourself up new fandoms and pairings will help you creatively as you’ll be exposed to new ideas constantly from a variety of sources and genres.

  5. A single fandom/pairing is the road to stagnation as a writer. You’re going to end up writing the same thing over and over again when it comes to tropes and themes. You’ll start a hundred stories you never finish because you’re bored as fuck but you don’t have the creative tools to do anything else because you’ve closed yourself off.

  6. A single fandom means, your exposure to new authors will be vastly limited and the most inspiring part of fandoms are the authors you find to read and talk to.

  7. If you have a bad experience with your single fandom, you have nowhere to retreat in order to regroup as a writer or reader within fandom itself which means you may leave entirely (we’ve seen it happen a lot).

  8. A siloed experience in fandom is the single worst thing you can do to yourself as a writer (and reader) as it means you’re emersed in that fandom for all of its good points and bad. You’ll pick up bad habits as a writer regarding tropes, themes, and grammar and because you have nothing to act as a counterbalance those habits will become ingrained.

  9. Having several fandoms to move in and out of as a writer (and reader) means you’ll have a broader experience overall when it comes to concepts and themes. You’ll see your favorite tropes explored in different environments with new pairings which can be inspiring and entertaining.

  10. Writing in multiple fandoms means you’ll have a broader reader base and if audience building is important to you–that’s how you accomplish it. On this, I speak from experience–my website has on average 15k unique visitors a day across several different fandoms. This is a direct result of the fact that I don’t write in a single fandom.

Keira Marcos

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