Story Building: The Novella

We’re doing a workshop on Discord this week and tonight is the introductory podcast. My apologies for not announcing on my website sooner. I created the events on the Facebook calendar and called myself done!


Introduction: Plotting a Novella
Summary: How to get started.
Archived: Castbox


Defining Your Theme & Central Idea
Summary: Brainstorming, theme wrangling, and the central idea.
Archived: Castbox


Character Profiles & GMC
Summary: Character Profiles & Goals, Motivation & Conflict.
Archived: Castbox


The Mini-Plot
Summary: Creating the mini-plot document
Archived: Castbox


Writing Romance: Q&A
Summary: Q & A
Archived: Castbox


The Decision Tree
Summary: Creative decision making and ripple management.
Archived: Castbox


Writing Sex in Romance
Summary: We’re going to have a real frank discussion about writing sex and why a lot of writers suck at it.
Archived: Castbox


NOTE: If you can’t attend the live events — they will be archived as podcasts on Castbox!

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